Wool and Wood

Items for sale here are handmade and donated by volunteer knitters, felters, sewers, and wood workers or purchased from artisans. All proceeds from Wool and Wood Workers projects are used to support ElderDog Canada programs and activities.

To participate as a volunteer in the Wool and Wood Workers Program, let us know of your interest and what you are thinking of contributing. When you complete a project, simply let us know and we will arrange pick-up or delivery (very large items may be available only in close proximity to where they are made). Then we will photograph the creation and make it available for sale here in our online shop, put it to immediate use, or include it in a special fund raising event. We welcome new project and fundraising ideas. We also welcome artisan and craft groups, circles, or guilds to adopt ElderDog Canada as a special project. To donate handmade items contact us at