Custom, hand-crafted pens

  • 5000

A special gift for those who still appreciate the beauty and feel of a good pen on paper. We are delighted to offer beautiful, hand-crafted pens for the dog-loving scribe. Currently available are two styles. The black and brown pen is made from ebony with acrylic finish and hand-turned with sanding and polishing to a beautiful finish. The metal portion has a chrome finish with precious details such as a dog bowl top, dog bone clip with paws engraved, and “I love my dog” inscribed on the bottom. The pens have a “Parker style “ refill that is included and further refills can be purchased at any office supply store. Simply unscrew the tip and the refill slides out. Each custom designed pen has its own protective case. These exquisitely hand-crafted pens are available in a variety of themes, woods, and laminates. For special orders, contact us.

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